• Language History
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Identifiers and Keywords
  • Declare a Variable
  • Data types and Operators
  • Operator Key Points
User Input
  • How to get user input in Java
  • How to get user input (GUI) in Java
Control Structures                  
  • Conditions Control Structure
  • Repetition Control Structure
  • For Loop
  • Array
  • Working with Exception and ArrayList
Command Line Arguments                           
  • Command line arguments
Classes and OOPS                                  
  • Classes and OOPS
Parameter and Variables                     
  • Parameter and Variables
Type Casting                     
  • Type Casting
  • Java.lang
  • Create Own Class
  • Create own class and methods
  • Package and class path
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overriding and method hiding
Interface and Abstract        
  • Interface and Abstract
  • Polymorphism
Inner Class  
  • Inner Class
Exception Handling        
  • Exception Handling
  • Try-Catch, Finally and Throw
  • Create own exception class
  • logging
Garbage Collection    
  • Garbage Collection
Collection Framework
  • unit.Collections
  • Common method and properties
  • List, Map and Queue
  • Windows Tool kit(AWT, Swings)
  • FlowLayout Manager and BorderLayout Manager
  • GridLayout Manager and ComplexLayout Manager
Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Swing      
  • Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Swing
I/O Stream
  • classes used for basic I/O
  • Classes methods, properties and filters
  • ByteStream and Character Stream
  • BufferedStream
  • File class and Summary of the I/O Stream
  • Serialization
  • Introduction
  • Socket, ServerSocker and MulitcastSocket.
  • RMI
  • Working application using thread
  • Extend Thread and implement Runnable
  • Access thread groups and Synchronization
Timer class and Synchronization  
  • Timer class and Synchronization

Course Highlights –

  • Every course is trained by working professionals only
  • Ample practical assignments are given to the trainees
  • Real time project and examples to support practical learning
  • Mock interviews to simulate and help students face job interviews
  • Repeat the whole course with no extra cost
  • Flexible weekend classes and special weekday classes
  • Confirmation Letter / Training Letter / Project Letter : For Degree Pursing Candidates To Submit In Colleges
  • Experience Certificates : All students would be given experience certificates after successful completion of project.

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